Eight Dirty Little Mortgage Marketing Sins

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Eight Dirty Little Mortgage Marketing Sins

Post  geydi023 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:43 am

I was dealing with a talking to customer lately who was in a revenue downturn. I made the decision to execute a very easy analytical. I basically requested him to deliver me specific record with all of their actions for the next three times, e-mail them to me, and then provide a mortgage marketing contact returning. He did his preparation and I obtained e-mail record all his actions and how a while he invested on them.
With an immediate view I could tell exactly what his issue was - - he had overlooked what company he was in. After examining his actions it was obvious that he was in the "putting out fires" company because that's where most of his there was a time invested. Rather than operating "on" his company he was operating "in" his company.


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