Obagi Clear - Obagi's Best Product

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Obagi Clear - Obagi's Best Product

Post  geydi023 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:39 am

This Obagi product came from the Nu-Derm skin care line which is definitely good in resolving healthy epidermis treatment issues not only Rosacea but also epidermis loss, getting older, skin tones, and many more. It is completely made to lighten up and boost our epidermis due to its active lightening component hydroquinone. This specific obvious component can prevent our epidermis against obagi clear harmful ingredients like dust and sun's sun light, therefore getting older and skin tones can be avoided. It will get rid of any epidermis color and boost the overall tone of our epidermis. The Obagi obvious cleaner contains natural aloe-vera veggie juice and the external gel contains Metronidazole known to cure epidermis issues. The Obagi corrector is an anti-inflammatory agent that lighting up epidermis nutrients to ease the epidermis. It also contains Rose, Liquorice and Sea Beat to give that treatment and calming effect. The obvious Obagi for sun security is also specialised with high security factor.


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